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How Long Do Tires Last on a New Car?

New Tires for Sale at Jim Burke CDJR

As your car’s only point of contact with the road, tires are sort of important—and that's an understatement. Ensuring you have the right tires, in the right condition, is crucial if you want to avoid being stranded on the side of the road, or worse.

So, let’s say you just drove off the lot with a new car. You may be wondering how long those new tires are good for. Well, like so many car questions, the answer is: it depends.

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Jeep Gorilla Glass Windshields—A New Standard in Strength

Jeep Gorilla Glass Windshields
You’ve worked hard all year, and to celebrate the holidays, you bought yourself a new Jeep Wrangler off the lot.

Now, you’re just finishing up your Jeep’s maiden voyage on your favorite trails to play around on. Maybe you spent a weekend camping and cruising around in Talladega National, or went for an afternoon of some heavy-duty rock crawling at Gray Rock. After a day or weekend of getting ‘er dirty, you want to do something nice for your Jeep and give it a nice bath.

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4 Car & Engine Noises You Should Investigate ASAP

When it comes to cars and their engines, noise is just part of the game. However, there are some car or engine sounds that are abnormal – it’s quite rare to drive a whisper-quiet vehicle – and should be cause for concern. If you hear any of the following 4 weird noises, bring your vehicle into an auto service center near you for a check-up. Even a minor repair could be a lifesaver.

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1. A mysterious knocking noise

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